Summer is all about tan, okkkk, making your body in shape and be tanned for as long as you can because there’s some fall months in consideration and we want to be as sun kissed as possible, well, for me, like I said before, I sat in the sun just two times this summer and couldn’t spend that much time at the beach, and now, after one month, I’m pale again, my face is the most pale thing you can see this summer!! I’m just like a white chicken around perfect tanned brown feathered ones! and I don’t like self tanning that much (too much work that I can’t perceive), so my way to go among the crew these day is: bronzing powder.

Mate bronzing powder is my best face’s friend these days, I put it on my bag before anything else for touch ups all day long (french moi), and my french side doesn’t forget to include her paler neck into the moment as well.

Not only it looks good on tanned people but for me I search first for what will suit me most of the year and what bronzer for pale skin could look the best (mine is the Bourjois sick one!), it define my face and my bones and give that Éclat like sun kissed gal moment of fame, it’s the only thing I put on my face before going out at morning, I can’t deny that the impact on tanned people is much greater —Think Carrie Bradshaw tanned face with contouring— but I’ll take it until I find myself in front of a beach making real tan happen.

Speaking of beaches… I’ll start planing to go this weekend, I just can’t anymore.

Are you tanned (yet/enough/still in process) or a white chicken these days? Do you use bronzing powder?

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