You Will Always Have Beige

I love weird theories, it’s not actually weird if you give yourself a chance to receive more information about it. Like when I wore this outfit I didn’t have content around it or thought that I would even post it. I grabbed what I felt would express what I want to say that day.
A pinstriped summer dress to say that I miss summer and that the weather literally feel like spring and promising enough to wear the dress so there you go I’m celebrating that. I then started to search for something warm to wear on my feet to give some kind of a contrast. Not that I needed to feel warm, but I wanted to celebrate my feet in a quirky way.

I found fun socks I never wore before–I’m noticing what I have more and more now. I then grabbed a pair of gold embellished flats that have never failed to give the impression I’ve always wanted to represent in any situation I put it in. Wrapped myself- I always like to refer to coats as wraps and think of burritos, I don’t really know why– with a deep brown vintage coat that I took from my mom without knowing. Now when she sees me in it, I can see the jealousy look in her eyes. She would take it from me, but the only thing that’s stopping her that it’d never fit her.

After I saw myself in the mirror, I felt too much. From head to under knees I was just fine. The bottoms are where I stopped and heard a second thought in my head saying: nahh, that just feels silly. Another sound interrupted: so what! It isn’t that chic I know, but it’s different. It’s rich. It’s the first thing I grabbed and felt I want to wear. This is what I ~feel~ today. This is the personality that I want to deliver right now.

But again this sound kept pushing me to try something different. Something more subtle, whispering one word in my mind: you will always have beige. It came as a safe statement trying to erase anything fun. I found a beige sandals in front of me and wore it instead. And yes, it also looks fine, on the go, more approachable, even chic.

But I love the experimental side of fashion, the odd look in your eyes, or the moment of appreciation. I wasn’t thinking about socks on gold flats yesterday but this is me today. I can’t put myself in one box and call myself a maximalist or a minimalist. Today I’m preferring the maximalist bottoms. The next day I might be wearing a full beige look who knows! Which can be real fun are you kidding! The paradoxes are endless, and I want to experience them all. It’s cool.

brown leather coat outfit
brown leather coat outfit
brown leather coat outfit
brown leather coat outfit
brown leather coat outfit


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