bruno mars carpool

Bruno Mars Carpool is What I Need

I’ve been waiting for this my entire life.

Bruno mars carpool with James cordon driving through LA with 24k magic in the air, I’ve been dancing like a crazy person since it came out.

You know what’s iconic about Bruno, his Attitude. When Corden asked him why you are always in a good mood he said, “what’s not to love?”

Whaaa. Deep.

The style comes with the same concept, pinky rings, silk patterned looks, patent leather shoes with long socks, and hats, weird hats included. He could pull off every damn hat in this world. What’s not to love about that!?

A beanie; he’ll look cool on it.

Your grandma hat; he’ll cool on it.

A sailing hat; I’d love to see that in real life.

You know you love a person so much when you’re one of the first not million, who’d watch Bruno’s carpool, that’s my relation with Bruno my friends, it’s cool from the outside but it’s on fire from the out, ON FIRE.

And you know what just hit me, Bruno Mars can actually get the “swag” off and stay in its place to define that word.

And YOU’LL NEVER BE MORE ALIVE unless you copy Bruno’s style. On it now, gonna go grab some hats and some breathable silk and jam myself up. We need to investigate him a little longer.

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