Burnout Like a Pro

Burnout Like a Pro

Creative Developers always say if you want traffic to your blog you’ve to be bright, create a genuine content, and send a clear message to get people inspired. But as they forget that we’re all human, and if I have this outlet I will share hmm… how can I say this in a proper way?…. whatttt ever the hellllll I want to share here. In my case, I always end up sharing thoughts of my twenties because this is the damn true, “genuine” way I fucking live it.

Sorry for all of… that.

I mean those hundreds billions of people that they have got it all and already have been Insta famous, famous bloggers and youtuber, global torture totters, I wanna ask you something; what else will you do in life when you already have done everything you want in your twenties ha!

That sometimes gets me into a burnout. Like I don’t even want to get from my bed to do what I love the most to do in my life.

Something like these questions gets into my head: I always do my work so why I’m not recognizable yet? Is it suppose to be that Effing hard? Because it seems like they just made it like that, why it’s taking me forever to reach what I want in my twenties? I don’t want to be insta famous but still… you know… to have at least my internet purpose.

It’s not because I still didn’t make it (totally is), but it just that feeling of anxiety that gets to you from every corner to remind you of how unfulfilling you feel about everything in your life, you work life, family, the family to be, the whole future, even the kids that you’ve never met their fathers’ yet. The vision you have about yourself in the future.

For that, I smell the burnout from a distance when it decides to approach me and I sometimes let it under control, other times I rename it to pretend that it’s not it to not fell on its hole, like it’s:

Just my period: You don’t know are you experiencing all of this because of your hormones or what, but sure you’d blame anything that comes to your mind so here it is, It’s definitely my period.

Inspirational people: Like what I did earlier here, I blamed famous people for its famousness. So let’s be clear here, I admire so many on social media but there two or three genius women that I really love and sometimes I just want to be them for one day to know what’s going on their heads, they make you feel like yeah, I want to be that much famous, for everyone! Not just in my field, I’m talking to you who you still don’t know that it’s me but hella sure you’ll in the near future because we’re gonna be best friends.

I’m that Creepy.

That I’m fat: You just wanna eat your own fat to be in your regular shape again because you don’t think farther than that.

How to beat burnout like a pro

Play, Literally: Everyone does have his own exciting things to do, in my case, I did those things and felt fine, you could do anything you want to get yourself out of this, because it’s easier than you think, besides you don’t wanna waste your twenties on this shit anyway. Remember that.

Take a shower: You try to take a shower to take off all of the shit you’re thinking about, you know that you already so filthy so it seems like enough reasons to be clean. Inside and out. Too filthy that when I was washing my face with this product that I suppose to wrap with my hands first to make the foam then put on my face, it just sit on my face and didn’t make any more foam! It couldn’t handle my face filth so I rewashed it two more times till I felt the squeak! I don’t want to tell you how many times I rewashed my hair.

Remember the Tv: I watched a program on tv that was hosting one of my favorite teen times Egyptian singers/actor so I kept it to feel nostalgic and cry for the old times sake but this time it was a happy cry and sometimes it was ugly because you just want to be a teen again because you already feel as a kid but trapped in an older body and now you don’t have an excuse but to act like a grown ass woman…yea, it’s my hormones for sure.

You can sing: Aand what’s better than a Karaoke night after a squeaky shower to cry to laugh to get all the shit out to scream with rock songs, you get tired then you go to sleep.

Shut down my phone: Because I don’t wanna deal with anyone and everyone is remembering you when you least want to remember yourself. Like my best friend texted me and I answered with: Passant is having a severe burnout like she can’t breathe, please try to contact her when she comes back to her senses. Yes if you feel like you want to take this time for yourself till you’re ready for the next step, don’t think about it and just take it.

Regardless of how many hours, days you are in your burnout period, after you convince yourself that you’ve to get it together and try to play a little to get up on your feet, the next natural step will be, The wake-up call.

I know what I want to do/ be: I was turning the channels with no purpose then I saw a show that I felt mesmerized from the first second on it, I said to myself if I didn’t know that show —because sometimes I don’t watch all the shows on the fashion week even if I love it so much— I’ll quit that whole thing, after the first look I was sure that it’s Prada but that’s totally not the point. It just hit me, I was one of the few that really get that and loved to translate it into a daily style and make it a global language. I felt joy just looking at those pieces layered in a paradox that I never could get tired of.

Talk to your familyyyyy: Feel the responsibility in something like guiding your little brother and feel close to him. Talk to any member of you family and share your thoughts with them, I love to talk so much I feel like I’m the most talkative member of my family like I love to talk about the issues that matter to me the most like here on my blog when I feel vulnerable, maybe I should make videos sometimes! But my best part is when I make him (or anybody) laugh, I laugh because of the laugh you know what I mean, it is just heaven for me. After the talk with my brother you feel like he’s listening and getting you somehow and you feel that you accomplished something, you feel like you can breathe again, ecstatic and back to the damn business.


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