I’m a sucker for cakes. It’s my weak point in desserts, Remember when Miranda from Satc fell in love with cakes and  made a chocolate cake mix that was so satisfying for her at the point then she throw it on the garbage then took a piece out of there and ate!? yes I’m more than that! I make from scratch and still eat desserts for breakfast and dinner, but cakes are the most glorious breakfast that you can offer to me, with a cup of black coffee (no sugar please), you just can get me out of bed in a second.

I feel celebration in cakes, it speaks in vary dimensions and textures, the mouth watering sight at first, then the first bite with the melting in your mouth feeling of the cream and the another kick of any acid/sour flavor on it (oranges, lemons, or or! berries with chocolates), you layer and layer your flavors just like the way you layer your outfit everyday, it’s all the same kinda art for me.

There’s a lot of naughtiness in making and eating cakes, and I loveee to live both, (with my baby brother son) we live both to the max, in the making, he learn from me, and in the eating, i definitely learn from him how to probably eat a cake. However, One of my ultimate dreams that in a low lonely day, I could bring a big cake in front of me and eat it all by myself (with hands), I mean every time I eat or make cakes I share them, so for once I really want to experience that alone, in which case, is the celebration part will fade?

And for the love of baking comes this cake that I made yesterday night, so imperfect in a very perfect peaceful night, I just feel lost in space when I bake, and with the best money can buy —Basics— I got the humble strawberries, cut in different shapes, some I dipped in chocolate (for fun scenes), lots of fresh cream chantilly (for the hell of a freshness side), and made a yellow basic cake recipe but added some orange juice and zest of big one (for the mmm feeling), I was ready to build play, a process that I never get tired of.

In a scale from Miranda to my addiction, How much do you love cakes? And How do you eat it?

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