Can’t Get Enough Of Birks

Yea I know you don’t love it, but let me talk for a second here.. everybody go back and forth on it these days, should you wear them with a little hesitation, or should you be a “fashion victim” and wear it because it’s so all over the world? OR should you go with the simple choice??.. love it

I told you before about my story with Birks, so it’s easy breezy for me, so my job here is to convince you it’s good! yea it’s ugly and makes you legs even wider but it’s totally comfortable and looks cool if you wear it right, or it’s not right or wrong, it’s how you feel about them, all i’m saying is just give yourself a try, you.. alone in your room.. with Kate Moss picture hanging in your wall wearing it! totally gonna work!

Tell me how that goes for you…
Wearing: All Zara, and Birkenstocks.


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