Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

I don’t like heavy things on my head. And I don’t want to spend time spritzing my curls, scrunching, twisting without any noticeable difference in return. I know that you can’t expect a curly head, but I want to use the product that I only know it’s going to give me results.

One of the curly products I tried was Cantu Coconut Curling Cream when I wanted to reinvent my curly hair routine — one of the resolutions that I’ll stick with, you watch me now. The “Made with 100% pure shea butter” line convinced me to hear what else this one has to say. It does a good job in moisturizing the hair. The texture is lovely, and the smell is heaven. After doing some Google search, turns out I’m between 3A and 3B in curls types (ooo, I feel so fine talking the curly girl’s code now).

I prefer to air dry or braid my head after using it while my hair is damp. It made my hair soft and moisturized for two to three days. What I don’t like about the product is that it didn’t define my curls like I hoped for, and didn’t give the best results on dry hair. Also if I used much of it by mistake, it’ll make my hair oily and weight it down, so a little of this product can go a long way. It’s not that easy to find natural hair products for curly hair that actually works, but it surly exists. It’s a good products not great, and I want perfect, and I won’t rest until I find it. Here’s the Cantu Coconut Shea Curling Cream review:

In a Nut Shell
With its natural ingredients, Cantu does a good job in moisturizing the hair. The texture of the cream is lovely, and the smell is heaven. But it failed in defining my curls.
Define curls2.4
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Made with 100% pure shea butter so it's very moisturizing
You don't need to apply it every day
Doesn't define curls
Doesn't give the best results on dry hair
Weight the hair down and make it oily if used too much
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