Carlo Scarpa is one of my favourite architects in modern art, his designs are so urban and full of details in a very geometric way, the Brion-Vega Cemetery at San Vito D’Altivole, Italy is one of my favorite buildings of his, and despite that it’s a building for dead people (for Giuseppe Brion and family), I feel so energized with life every time I look at it.

The details in this building is unbearable, mainly in concrete, there’s life in this place more than the function of it, a place you can lost and contemplate in, the depth in the juxtapose lines and in the light and shadow that it makes is something else, the little details like the tiles and the color of it clashes with the concrete, the shapes he used are so classics but he knew how to transform that in a very modern way to make it memorable and poetic rather than so edgy and disrespectful.

He said that the building will get better over time, Do you think that what happened here? because I agree, it doesn’t losses it’s power, it’s still so modern in my eyes and every time I look at it I discover and feel something new.






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