I Wore A Complete Outfit that Cost Me $7

Not because I work in fashion, does it mean that I jump off my bed every day to wear nice outfits. Noo, noo that’s totally not me. Sundays are the first day of the week here. It’s officially the worst day I wear clothes in. I always feel like I’m not obligated to wear something nice on this day. I literally look like just rolled out of bed without thinking of the upcoming week, which is a 100% true!

However, there’s some stuff that would get me to greet the first day of the week with enthusiasm. Stuff like paring something utterly paradoxical that pop into my head the night before. Or got a great massage the day before and that got me into the encouraged zone. Or or, something like figuring out the perfect outfit idea for less than $10! And tell all the world about it!

I came up with the outfit not only to look like another official 2018 summer outfit. But to celebrate a $7 ensemble that looks like 200 bucks Ching Ching Ching. What, where and how are the questions you better be asking yourself by now. Wellll… I love bargains and sales! I feel like I won the lottery every time I buy something on sale. So I consider it’s my duty to celebrate that. Let’s calculate how much the ingredients will cost us here.

What: White t-shirt.
Where: Reserved, Egypt, Cairo.
Cost: LE59 which equals $3.3.
I was searching for a white tee for this summer, and I didn’t look very much until I found this one. I knew from the first time that the lady mermaid would be a hell of a company for my summer days.

What: Mom jeans
Where: Vintage, from an Indian guy on a flea market the street actually. Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.
Cost: SR10 which equals $2.70.
Vintage mom jeans that I found an Indian man selling on the streets. I did a few alterations on—I just cut the hem— and if anyone told me how good the pair is, I scream with excitement that I found it on the streets!

What: Red Scarf.
Where: A Flea Market, for real this time. Although it’s new.
Cost: RS10 for three scarfs together. Which equals 3.30 for one, equals $0.8 per one.
I wanted a red scarf, if I could turn my life in red, I would just do it. Plus, it’s versatile!

casual outfit under 50

That would be $6.80 in total without the shoes and bag. I would say that this could be the new cool summer outfit that you can adjust with any of your old shoes and bags! AM I right! Am I rayyyt! YES, I AM.

I wore this look with a classic black Converse that I got with $32, it was on sale, I wanted to take the chance and get the black and the white version but I couldn’t find the white pair on my size, anyway, it’s that kind of shoes that you just throw and don’t think about because it just looks good with everything.

And if you’ asking yourself about the bag, it’s a $40 Zara authentic leather bag, again got on sale. You know I don’t wear bags that much, but it was just for work. Like I would’ve worn this basket bag! But this one with that outfit adds something special. And I don’t say that about any bag, like ever! Because I feel it’s kinda sexy to put your phone in the back pocket in those jeans and walk without thinking of your near future face.

That was my under $10 summer outfit, do you think it’s worth copying? Tell me about your thrifty best finds, and how do you style it?


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