How to wear converse

Casually Suiting

The few days that I can wear a suit in are those days that I feel most confident in to wear it on the street without having anything related to my dress code and don’t give a shit about anyone. Those days that includes one, sometimes all of the following;

Like going for dinner in a suit.

Going to the laser appointment in a suit

Getting the grocery in a suit.

And while living in the paradoxical euphoric moments that I never get tired off. I try my best in the creating process itself. On this day, I wore my 3 years old classic pinstriped suit with a pink tee just for the fun of it, add my smallest yet favorite bag,  and ending it with a classic black Converse just because I was so inspired by Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley photo edit for their smashing podcast Fashion No Filter. Sometimes creating can be renamed to copycatting and that’s a motto!

When I first saw them I thought about my old suit and simply paste the same combo with what I already have in my wardrobe; and that made me rethink the whole suit game and converse with it;  because I was so done with Converse since my college years; and I was wrong because I just got this pair and once I tried it; it was an eye-opener for me— I was stupid, Converse win. I wore it like a 90’s celeb and edit it like nowadays.

Now for you, when would you wear your suit and how?


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