When you know it’s time to put your shit together… Like your not trying anymore, you’ve tried enough, now you know you can do it and actually will starting from now…

Here I’m talking about myself, i don’t know where that boost of energy is coming from, maybe because of the trying, it doesn’t matter, what matter is that i know and i admit that my life is full of shit, caused by me, and I’m getting it all together now, starting with this:

– Going to the gym: My body’s becoming an issue for me now, so it’s either i stay at home eating all the cakes the world offering to me, or stay more healthy and aware of what’s going inside. Even if I don’t have that membership that I need now to go 5 days a week, I’ll be satisfied with my 3 days thank you, the other 2 days will be jogging at fresh air.
Dancing: I stopped dancing, and that’s not me! I was dancing every time I hear a good music in my ears, streets, home, whenever I do anything I put some music and dance, even in this wedding season I didn’t dance… Will not that much. you have no idea what my dancing look like.
-Balance: Give everything exactly it’s time, not more and not less, defiantly no more working because I could forget myself in this and would backfire on me, and no more rest because your the only one that could go that easy on yourself, balance is everything.
-More meditation: I know yoga is a trend but I’m talking spiritual feelings now, do whatever you do to connect with you inner self again, and I need that as much as a baby needs his mother’s milk, I need to be complete Again.
Inside out: Being a happy person from inside and finding the happiness in every little thing is a word that everyone says but not actually do. Happy because I can breath happy because I can sing suck, because I can say what I want out loud, because I see colors and not a colorblind, happy because I can sleep like a baby every night, happy because I’ll have a great big perfect smile, perfect for me. Being happy is an underestimated feeling that everybody’s trying to be but a few really getting there.
It’ll be all talk If I doesn’t get my ass out of my sofa and do it, and I’m doing it already! Starting with appreciating my freedom to write this blog even if I have one person who will read it. I’ll do it as I’m living. I’m thankful because I can believe in myself.


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