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The 80’s Cheap Statement Crystal Earrings And The New Celine

After spending the last summer/winter in hoops, I developed a theory, the more hoops one can put on an ear, the merrier. And I have five piercings on each ear to put ten hoops in total if I want to. Did it all, did the single option as well, it is time for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want change as much as what Hedi is doing since he took the helm of Céline, and changed the logo back to the original style “Celine” without the accent on the E. Deleting all the past Instagram posts of the Phoebe Philo era and serving us a very different feel than what we used to from Céline. Even after the rage that I joined on the internet when I didn’t like any of what he did—weight in if you have something to share in that subject—I found myself scrolling Phoebe’s art everywhere. Since I don’t own anything Phoebe made in Céline, I needed anything I can buy without money to hold to this beautiful past.

I was wondering Zara yesterday when I found a statement earning that spoke to me in a language that was a mix of my ’80s/’90s/Céline craving. A statement that I never thought will stop me. You can get my attention with baroque pearls earrings or a Céline 2015 resort rhinestones pair at any time so why in hell I’m into these giant cheap statement crystal earrings? I mean they look good, but I utterly blame it on the internet. The one that keeps telling me that ’80s and ’90s are the new ’70s. That the old Céline is better than the unknown one. That I can get out of my comfort style zone and explore what the future that is obviously adhering to the past can offer me. I’m anticipating it all with my arms open wide, so what about you?

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