cheap straw basket bag

Everyone is Wearing this Cheap Straw Basket Bag & No One Wants to Talk About it

I’m inspired by everyone in this world who’s wearing a basket bag this summer. I started asking myself where can I find a cheap straw basket bag that can gives me that kick that I feel a cross-body bag never gives? I want to carry my summer over my shoulder really.

My budget!? Oh yes, about… hmmm… actually I don’t wanna spend anything can I get one for free!!?

Hardly. But you can find one with 13 bucks!

No, I’m not kidding. There’s a lot of great stuff in this world with that amount of money that we never shed light on. We always find the best stuff at the cheapest prices anyway.

So I wasn’t really searching after I scrolled the internet for it and couldn’t find anything with a very little budget. I forgot about the thing and went to Ikea to get a straw lamp instead. Which is surely more important than a bag, right!? A bag that could be like the cherry on top of that ice cream bowl— the first thing you notice at the bowl actually.

I went for SINNERLIG Pendant bamboo lamp that Ilse Crawford designed for Ikea because I wasn’t looking for the object itself as I was looking for the clean beige materials that I want to cover myself with in every aspect of my life.

If you went to Ikea before (of course you did) and know it by heart, you’ll know that the storage area is something you’ll defiantly walk through to get to the lighting area if you didn’t think of any short cuts (never do though). So while I was turning back to the cashiers, I saw every shape of basket you can imagine hanging there.

cheap straw basket bag

And here it was. The bag of my dreams. Decorated as a basket behind a chair that you can put magazines and newspaper in. With a blanket draping from it as a nonchalant act. The one that could give me that Jane feel just by holding it—The trend of being french still exist by the way. Even if you feel cringed about it now, you make it daily without naming it.

My eyes were wide as if I found the meaning of all the summers in one bag. The FLÅDIS Basket was just 13 bucks. 13 bucks people.

After getting it, I felt like I have to keep it to myself. Tell no one about and I’ll be the only one who paid that little for a trendy bag.

Everyone else did the exact same thing as well. In this fashion world that we’re living in, everyone wants to stand out. Even if you wear fast fashion clothes from head to toe. It’s your damn right.


Claaaaaaassic summer Jenny 🌸

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And again.

And this honestly, all of it.


Aaand again.

cheap straw basket bag
Courtesy of Man Repeller
Photography: The Remote I’m holding here

And I here wear it with the same outfit/ color scheme. Using it also for draping effect because it looks good with that lamp, the whole felling I’m going for in my space.

I love those thing when I see it. I mean secrets-people-keep-from-people-to-think-that-they-discovred-the-twenties-universal-code-or-something. Secrets of effortlessness, how to have a style without paying your paycheck on one bag, or even how can’t you survive your twenties…etc. Because I’ll be on the opposite side going like, I know what you know but I’ll be a generous person and share your/our secret now with everyone who’s reading this blog. And don’t worry, we all will make it our own as well.


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