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Cheek Satin

On of the best things about summer for me, is the ability to wear the slightest amount of makeup —if you want to— and be like you’ve been in the paradise and you just landed, one of those magical products that I use most of the time to achieve that is cream blush, why? 3 reasons actually.

1- I can wear it on my cheeks, little on my chin, it blinds with my skin and give the flushed/glow/natural/radiant/ dewy look and that’s only what I’ll need to convince people that I’m cute. Only if I want to.

2- While I’m putting it and if I’m in a hurry I’ll dot some on my lips as well, then I’ll feel so Frenchly Au natural and get going with the attitude the whole day.

3- I play with it with my baby boy/bro and do him a pikatchu cheeks to win him the whole day —What I call easy smart.

What is the most product you use this summer? And any other reason to like cream blush!?

Miracle touch cream blush by Max Factor.

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