Chunky Sweaters

I feel chunky sweaters are on their own way to be abandoned. I have it in all types and shapes, from plain to chunky cable oversize ones, but I don’t see it that much around any more, it’s been replaced with turtlenecks, and plain crispy white shirts underneath big coats. I’ve always felt that this type of knitwear is an essential and acknowledge that everyone already have more than one, and essential in my saying means:

  • For both genders.
  • Can style it with everything.
  • I can not wear it and also looks good.
  • And it’s not a trend.

Knitwear itself has been taken to many different other shapes and forms, and that’s what women have substitute it for, but big knitwear has its own texture that adds to the layers, as I see it more on the other gender, does they have the key to deal with oversize layers and bulky situations?

And Is it will become a trend eventually for us women, even if it’s still running on the runway? Does boredom play it’s rule here?


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