Comfortable Chic Fall Outfit

The Most Comfortable and Chic Fall Outfit

Yesterday, a Twitter popular hashtag was “the first day of fall” so for that and for that reason only can I get an amen! It somehow gives us permission to talk about it all day long without guilt even if you still haven’t felt it yet or your country doesn’t make you feel it yet. In my case, I feel it all around Instagram, so I get influenced, but it’s still pretty much summer around here, Jeddah, KSA. So I only wear fall clothes now because I want to feel it not because it’s mandatory. Can you feel the craziness?

Let me walk you through the first fall dressing thought that came to me when I decided to wear what I feel unnecessary for my climate. It’s still useful for the ones that can feel fall! I’m not jealous of you… it’s just I’m supperrr jealous of your freedom of choices, mixing summer wear with winter, layering all your favorite pieces from all the seasons you want. I mean are you kidding me! I have to do it right now, and I’ll share it all until the weather here decides to fall for fall.

Wear Your Leather Coat Because Let’s Be Honest, It Doesn’t Warm You Enough In Cold Weather

You know that already, leather jackets are cool. Trench coats are even cooler. Brown coats are the epitome of coolness this season. But if you want to take advantage of the leather wear that deceives you that it’s winter wear, but it’s actually not, wear it now. Think about the freezing weather and how you curse every leather piece you have for not warming you enough at that time. For you to not reach this state in winter, start feeding your inner self now. I did by wearing a brown vintage leather coat that belonged to my mom. I love the wide notched lapels and timeless shape of it but hates how squeaky it gets sometimes! I also love how it matches my hair color. It’s like we match made in heaven.

Wear Nothing But Your Pj’s Underneath

Continuing on my last point that it isn’t that cold yet but you’re sick of your floral dresses and summer talk. You want the snuggle so why don’t you do it to the max!? Don’t take off your sleeping pajamas. Because let me tell you something… when people check your outfit out, you will try not to burst in tears because you know you’ll be fooling them with the curated exterior you set with one piece —What do you think I am? I’m a professional—and amazed because even if you look damn good, you’ll be comfortable in your Egyptian cotton comfortable sleeping pajamas! And you know what the best part is? Getting home and only takes you a second to change to your PJs, ahhh what a life.

Wear Your Everyday Glam Shoe

Do you know that summer sandals you got on sale because you’re convinced that you need such a pair in your wardrobe and you feel like you’ll wear it every day, but when you try to convince your sister/friend with that—to get permission to buy it because you have ten similar pairs—she sees you as a total crazy person for calling an evening pair a daily one? Yea, wear this pair. It’s the perfect little nod that you’ve got your fall together while holding onto the last rays of summer. It’s paradoxical, but what isn’t in this story?

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