Cutting Sugar on Breakfast

Today is my first day watching my eating habits, after I got it all out , it’s time to achieve a better self, and the first thing I’d love to do about my weight is to watch it, meaning not eating what I’d really love to eat on my breakfast!

My prefect breakfast could be anything has lots of sugar because it goes so well with coffee, from biscuits to chocolate croissant to my no.1 special place to my heart breakfast, cakes! I make cakes and love eating it in the morning with my coffee and that doesn’t make me a bad person. So the change included some sobbing, but I’ll move on since I promised to make changes…

I mean look at this charlotte cake that I’ve just made yesterday, isn’t it amazing!?Yes, but as I’ve been told it’s not healthy to eat this at breakfast. I substitute it for a healthy version of a bowl of cereal (rolling my eyes), strawberries and a drizzle of honey (all the jar actually) for some sugary feeling but guess what, it wasn’t enough! I realized that I was eating too much sugar just at morning and that doesn’t feel right to me—another reason for cutting it off, not completely but at least at breakfast!

Try to not start your day with artificial sugar and substitute it with a bowl of fruits As being told by everyone who’s seeing the matter as controllable.

But If I can’t indulge on my chocolate croissant on my breakfast, when the hell am I gonna eat it!!? I mean look at it!!! It’s freshly baked, chocolate’s oozing saying I’m gonna make your day BRIGHT! I’m all ears to that wise chocolate. NO I will not surrender.

Do you have a satisfying meal that you would love to eat everyday for the rest of your life and at the end of the year doesn’t look like you’ve eaten at all!? Hmm that talk could go for days.


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