Day One… Action!

IT’S FASHION WEEEE…K!!! I couldn’t catch anything yesterday! cause I was in this wedding thing! don’t remind me, worst day ever, never will go out of my house this month again. Thank god it was only day 1 and 2, but! there’s a lot of learning lessons here, I will only takes notes here. Lesson number one!

Coach Bae!Coach

1- So 60’s-90’s vibes so cool to resist the pastel faux fur colors.

2- The combed bangs on one side covering an eye is not out of fashion, yet.

3- I have a little problem with the silhouette that goes something like this (I’m in huge heavy sweaters and jackets on top with almost nothing* on bottom) it’s an attitude on itself.

4- *: The nothing means patent pastel clean straight mini skirts, dying?

“EVEN THE LEOPARD PRINTS FEELS CARTOONY”Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 1.12.48 PM

5- Are these slides? Platforms? and clogs? aha platform slides and clogs… K.

6- That hair with that make up — do i have to mention the chokers— reminds me of someone in particular, hmm? could it be? She!? yep. -Gwyneth Paltrow in The Royal Tenenbawms. And i don’t know if it’s just because of the look or plus the gas station and the road in the background refers a total USA mood.

Lisa Perry Lisa_Perry_010_1366.450x675

1- Boost of elegance in a morning to evening wearing.

2- Pointy patent leather flats are the best. on anything and everything.

3- I can’t comment on leather wide trousers.

4- Boxy tops and bermuda shorts, with the lines. to much to take. really.


5-The flowy but complicated flares on the tops.

6- The same horizontal line goes on the arm. #shitdetailsthatIlove. lisa-perry-ss-2015

Ohhh I’m so excited of this month, stay tuned cause it’ looks appetizing!



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