One of my friend’s resolutions is to go out everyday with a red lipstick, the first thing I got from this that she’s really welling to do that but not gonna happen (not everyday), second that’s amazing, hopefully I get that from her!… shit I forgot I have braces. Okkk, 4 more months on this life, and this will be me too.

What I really like is deep pigmentation red and purple shades at winter, I think it gives the whole look another dimension, great at mornings if it’s stained, perfect for evenings the way it is.

When I got to shop for a winter lipstick, I had particular one in mind (the Clarins burgundy red shade) but I didn’t find it (of course), so I got lost in the department, with 10 shades of every other deep red burgundy color that I could find tested on my hand, till I reached two out of ten, but the winner was that one.

It’s not matte, sexy dark red, not a goth dark, I has some purple on it too (I can see it when I put it on), just imagine it with a bare face, clear mascara to open the eyes, cold evening night, tucked hair with long coat… Am I french yet?

Lipstick: Bourjois sweet kiss 78.

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