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One of my biggest regrets that I took a day off during Paris fashion week, for that I missed Rochas, Lemaire, and Dries shows, how can a man be more stupid? However, it was really out of my hands, like it wasn’t a chill day or something, but after all, I missed some very important favorite shows.

After getting back on track, I found that Dries van Noten surprised me (as always) with great collection, accessories that I really need in my life (yes, needing is the best description) but more with the collection later…

When it comes to bags, I abandoned big bags long time ago, I wear them only if I have very big something to carry with me (files or my laptop) other than that, I feel liberated in my wallet (carried as a small clutch) or my normal -also very small clutches or holding nothing at all. I’ve been like that for almost two years now, but I still think that I need to find a small “bag” that fits all my needs, also more on that later on.

After that being said, Here, the clutches were sublime, the patterns of it makes it an essential -looks like vintage but very new- in any wardrobe, the richness of the patterns, little details and the shapes makes it like you don’t miss anything when it comes to carry a normal bag, get me?

As It comes to the necklaces, there were the twisted brass one that could fit anything I could think of, and the giant very colorful flowers and feathers necklace that makes me go from wanting mode to needing mode, and as the two combined together (brass and the flowers) in one necklace made me go all over my head, and from needing to saving money to purchase it as soon as it hits the online world.

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