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Ohhh London… The city of talented designers and the most representative of the fashion paradoxes for me. I always see London as a quite city (maybe because of it’s weather), but that’s not the same when it comes to clothes, like how in the hell a so foggy city can make such color palette in the shows!? So I’m in love with everything here. Okay —Mind, grab the mic with your morning coffee, open your laptop, you’re front row baby! let’s begin:



1- Okay I have a feeling that this will be something…

2- The Garden, the garden of Erdem, I wanna be in his garden yes.

3- I feel so Victorian in this high necks, the manish shoes with the most romantic dresses…  Omg this is so prrrrretty ( french accent).

4- That lush, rich shades of green and blue, wait a minute is this gates in the dress?

5- It feels like you don’t spend so much time wondering what his message is, but dreaming with the straight forward beautiful clothes instead. (even if I know that the collection was dedicated for Marianne North), Still doesn’t matter.

6- There’s a lot of complications in the way he used the fabric that makes me want to enlarge every single image to see every detail.

7- Is that feather? I’m not a fashion junkie but can I wear that!?erdem-spring-summer-2015-fp-1

Self to mind: Okay mind, let’s see a different show, something could bring some peace within you…

Mary Katrantzou

1- ARE U KIDDING!? Is that the peace you’re talking about!!?

2 -What is that anyway ha! Is that gravel! ohhh neuuu i’m not doing this, Omg Is she making tops from the gravel!? whaaa (mind when go stupid).

3- Switch to smart mode… She makes the body of the woman as her plain canvas and start going on her way with it.

4- Details, details, and more details, I love you London.

5- Seriously What is that fabric atop sheer fabrics?

6- I just came trough a storm, of candy like fabric, it’s like colored sugar fabric. That’s so fun! but the seriousness on the execution and the lines makes it so smart —Sigh.

7- So much nature inspiration here too, like small flowers, with the animals, and the black line makes such a huge impact and harmony.

8- Is that a bird?? Ok, I’m done here. Hmmm… I wonder how many hours spent in this bird?

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