Disney Style Is Your Style

While I was scrolling Pinterest, I pumped into what they call “The Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style” which is, by what I see, a full explanation of what’s the Disney characters are wearing aka what we’ve had inside every one of us as kids, reflects now in our physiology and styles, and I guarantee  you can see yourself in at least one of them.

I see chunks of myself in every one of them.

I feel my main self is like Esmeralda, I’ve strong eyebrows (strong as it can be) because I do them every year and a while, curly hair because I always want to go natural, scarfs that I wear as anklets and vise versa. Peasant blouses is what I go to in night outs and I surly make a barefoot statement too!

On the other hand, if you’re not a fringe girl that you also have a bold lack of shoes statement style (me as well), you can see yourself on Jasmine’s flats, statement jewelry and see everyone now in off-the shoulder crop tops because if we’re not following princess Jasmine then whom the F we’re following!!?

Aurors’s style came to me hard that I couldn’t imagine that I’ve any common with her and discovered that we were best friends in another life I can’t remember, from the loose curls that I tuck with a giant shawl to the pragmatic basket that we use as we follow Jane Birkin as a bag, that we substitute now with straw bag that is also is from the same air!

At last the devil within you will show somewhere somehow in your pointy heels, layering your fur with the LBD and learning the art of layering and volume, accept the statement the your hair will do with you spreading white locks over your whole head and eventually make a statement with it like Cruella, and going to the cheekbones state when you want to make a revenge.

For you, which one is the best to describe you!? Or you have all of them within you unconsciously because we grow learning EVERYTHING from them?

Images: Disney Style


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