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Your Next Best Cream Blush is Homemade


It’s time to make my feet breathe again!

Yesterday, I tried to show my feet by wearing slides on a day that felt like slides are key; it wasn’t the best decision when I looked down there and remembered… well when I remembered I have feet. I wore it anyway but I didn’t feel good about my dry feet after all, and what matters the most is that you feel good about the slides you’re wearing!

After Winter/neglecting my feet for months; I found that my heels not only drier but that rosy skin the sun highlights on Summer days turned bluish red. And for me, half of the good feeling about my feet is that rosy blushed soft skin; after that comes the color I put on my nails clashing with my slides’ color.

That’s when I took a trip down my memory lane. Something I’ve always seen in my culture being passed from generation to another without me being a part of; so it’s my duty to share it here. I remembered the best DIY cream blush that you can home make in just minutes. In my city, you can’t have any pedicure session without having some of that rosé tint on your feet as a lasting finish coat. It’s just like makeup with vitamins for your feet!!!! Actually, you can put anywhere you want, it could be you creamy blush! Your tinted lip balm or you tinted moisturizer! It’s pink, so it makes you want to put it anywhere. This could be your best DIY cream blush because of its easiness, this could be the best DIY of all.

homemade moisturizer
Left: with Evenly Rosé (lol), right: with just a moisturizer.


DIY Cream Blush

Basically, it’s your favorite hydrating daily moisturizer mixed with a natural red color. You can get the color in oil or powder formula from apothecary or grocer who sells spices. That red color comes out from a Calamus plant. I found that informative link if you want to know more about it. They call it Dragon’s blood (we call it Deer’s blood). The plant has very positive qualities. It has good anti-oxidant properties which also help to protect the DNA in the skin cells; add that to what you already put on your skin every day and don’t thank me.

In our culture, we use that red color for everything. People can put it on dark hair and give you that natural red highlights, furthermore you can use it on your body bath. Actually, that time when I went to a real authentic Moroccan bath; they put it with the herbal mixture that they paste all over my body to give that even rosé glow finishes to the whole body. My body never felt rosier or softer. It’s even more in a tanned way you know!

The pigmentation of the red color will tint anything you want. Your cheeks, your lips, your feet and literally your whole body if you want to! Your dry bluish-brown knees and elbows! I love to get that rose blush on my cheeks and lips and forget about them for the whole day. Oh Did I mention that it could serve you the whole day without reapplying!? It serves my dry area even for more days. It is really DIY cream blush!


I use the powder mixer all the time. It’s more controllable than the oil version. I do it on a free day but with caution; because it could get messy and the red color could stick in your fingers for two days (yes just like that). For natural tinted lips: mix a very small amount of the powder with your vaseline; like a pinch of salt, only smaller because it’s highly pigmented—just like in the photos will be enough to give you that rose tint— you get to decide the degree of color you want. The more powder, the more the tone; so I go as light as I could to just give that natural pigment to my lips. I put it on my lips then wait for 5-7 mins then pout with a tissue, et voilà, a natural rosé lips!

homemade moisturizer

homemade moisturizer
homemade moisturizer


For my cheeks: I take some of my best face moisturizer and mix it with a pinch of the red color, then put it in a container and use it for final touches on my cheeks in my makeup step; I don’t use any sunscreen or put any foundation or tinted creams to my face; hence I put it right away because that’s all I need on a Summer day. Now I don’t need to buy any cream blushes because I already have one that has been made out of my original, very good to my skin face moisturizer. Now, I have the best-tinted moisturizer, and it’s homemade.


For moisturizing any part of your body and to end what we started with, feet: mix your moisturizer— you can add it to your homemade moisturizer also and be my guru here!— with a very small amount of the powder and put it in a container. I do that with body creams and lotions and moisturize my whole body with it, it evens out my skin tone. I add the color to my heavy creams and use it for my feet, knees and elbows areas.

Test the mixer first on your skin to see if you have any reaction from it and to view the wanted shade. If the color turns out very red on you, light you mixture with more moisturizer; because if you went on with a very pigment red especially on your rough areas; it would get you two days to get it out with soap and water. I use it every other day on the dry areas and every day on my cheeks and lips.

I guess now my feet are ready for sliding that rainbow ha! Even if the weather doesn’t want me to, yet! I called it Evenly Rosé, what will you call it? And when you try it, please tell me, isn’t this is the best DIY cream blush or what?

  1. Intéressant ! Où trouves-tu cette poudre ? Je vois qu’on peut en trouver liquide, de provenance d’Amérique Latine, mais le reste à l’air d’être de l’encens, es ce que c’est la même chose ?
    Merci !

    1. We also have a liquid formula from it and people use it as well, As long as tested on the skin and it doesn’t have any side effect, it’s good for use :) Thanks!

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