DIY Everyday Headband

DIY Everyday Headband in One Minute Now

There is that moment in your life when you can do something to make problems little lighters on your shoulders and transcend you to this peaceful place. Some have it when they make a pie, others while indulging in a bowl of ice cream, some others when they lose themselves on the visual modern world, or while scrolling The RealReal, or read the New Yorker post about home in a foreigner’s eyes, and some when they DIY anything they had their eyes on for a while but couldn’t afford it.

I occasionally find stuff that I want to DIY. A lot of times there’s something that I really wanna do but have neither the materials or the tools I need to do it! Today in my case, I have all that I need to DIY headband that will take you straight to the first-grade. That time when my mom used to put that basic accessory on my crown every school day to hold my baby hair. Or remember circa 2004 when Lauren Conrad made you buy every headband copy she wore on The Hills. So this DIY is sentimental, attached to the beautiful past and now it’s even more powerful in its design and meaning to me.

So as simple as any DIY can go, it’s even more simple. It’s with two ingredients, no muss, no fuss, nothing but your normal boring headband. Search for it, you got one somewhere in one of the corners. Add to it your favorite neck scarf or bandana! You just got yourself a really fun headband! The hardest thing here is how to do this recipe. It’ll take a minute or so from your morning time to apply. A full minute ladies!

DIY Everyday Headband in One Minute

Tie the beginning of the scarf on one of the ends of the headband and start wrapping it around as if you’re making a loose art. When you reach the other end, tie the end of the scarf at the other end of the headband and finish it by hiding those ties and pinch the center to the top to achieve a desirable shape. Et voila! You’re an official DIY-er even if you didn’t want to! You can add it to your resume. The headband effortlessly striking individuals to your head. Even if your curly hair is enough, this is an indication of hair celebration.

Another style: You can tie the scarf from the center before you wrap it around the headband! I know!

Now it’s your turn, make it while you’re reading this, and show it to me in the comment section while I’m having this bowl of ice cream.

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