DIY Evil eye with pearls bracelet

you’ll need:

  • 6 7mm white round pearls.
  • a few gold plated eyepin.
  • a few spacer round gold beads.
  • a thin chain.
  • gold evil eye and gold fish (optional).
  • a pair of flat nose pliers.
  • a pair of round nose pliers.
  • a pair of wire cutters.
  • 1lobster claw clasp.
  • a few jump rings (small and big).
Start by threading the eyepin through a gold spacer,a small pearl and another spacer.
with the wire cutter trim the remaining wire to make smaller (it’s better to do that after pending the eyepin, i got it while i was doing it)
now with the round nose pliers bend the eyepin to the left then wrap the eyepin tightly around the right side of the pliers.
 Attach another eyepin to it and repeat the same 3 times.
Now attach on the both sides the gold evil eye and the fish and hold the wire tightly.
Open the jump ring and put the necklace and the evil eye in it.
do the same with the fish.
 Attach the necklace with another 3 small pearls.
Now it have to look like from the left 3 pearls,a necklace, the evil eye ,pearls again, the fish and a necklace
now all you have to do is Attach the lobster claw on a jump ring and from the other end do the same but add a big jump ring for the lobster claw to hook onto
 and and voila! hope you like it..


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