DIY gold rhinestone crystal and multi friendship braided bracelet

Currently i became addicted on DIY projects,specifically jewelry, so you will see a lot of that coming soon, today i made a gold rhinestone crystal and multi friendship braided bracelet, with the summer coming , it looks amazing on your hand if you make your arm look like a party!
You’ll need:

  • embroidery thread
  • Rhinestone trim (i choose a gold small one)
  • a thin chain.
  • 1 lobster claw clasp
  • 4 jump rings
  • jewelry pliers.
IMG_0354 IMG_0353

Now after you get what you need, wrap the threads around your wrist, and cut it about 1/2″ longer than your wrist length because we’re gonna braid it so it’ll come shorter after that,cut 3 to 4 threads 2 times.

Open the jump ring, fold all the threads together and put the jump ring around them so u can make a hole with the threads,insert one end of the rhinestone trim with it ,close the jump ring and tighten it using the pliers.
Start braiding ,leave 2 rhinestones at the time and put the threads between the spaces in the rhinestones.

Keep braiding until you reach the end of the threads, put the other jump ring with the same way(making a hole) and press on it hard.


After you finish,cut the remaining rhinestones.

Open up one of jump rings and loop it on the hole you did earlier,Don’t close the jump ring yet though, Attach the lobster claw on the jump ring.
On the other end, do the same but add the chain for the lobster claw to hook onto.

Cut the remaining chain and add a little twist at the end of it like “made for you” or something (optional) .


Cut the remaining threads for a nicer, cleaner look.

And voila! hope you like it!


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