diy frayed hem

DIY Your Jeans Hem

Do you have this jeans that you were in love with once and never took it off but suddenly you just want to get rid of it but you feel like… it’s your friend, it’s the one who saw it all! —All of it, everything— anyway, you’ll wear it again, we’ll give it a new lift! A Vetements feel is in the air but even easier.

You want me to convince you!? Okay! Because that pair by now looks so vintage from the many washes it had, and you’ll DIY its hem to something new and that will give it the new look that you need from it! it’s the same waist that got you through the years but went to the gem and got out with a new shape, a shape you’d desire! So let’s get craftyyyy!

What you’ll need is nothing but everything:

  • Your precious old jeans.
  • Effortless self, get some music on, my friend told me to listen to this. It’s cool.
  • Scissors.
  • Jewelry pliers. (the one is round shaped, they call it nose round shape).



diy frayed hem


Cut the old hem off, cut off more fabric of your jeans if it’s too long, mine was too long and not too skinny, try it on you first to know which length will be acceptable to you, above ankle is my goal. If you have a kid running around the house, involve him with this and make him cut it because he won’t give you a straight line, trust me, if you want effortless, that’s the real thing.

- 9

Use your jewelry pliers to open up the vertical seams on both sides of each leg, then clean it from the threads, you can torn the outside vertical seams hem with the power of your own hands, you’ll feel relief afterwards.

- 8



Now cut off the front of the two legs shorter than the back of it. I didn’t measure it because I was having fun making it and it came out above the ankle, which is perfect!

Now the magical tooool! Pull the fabric vertically and watch it getting the white threads out, it’ll give you uneven frayed, that’s what I wanted, uneven lines with uneven frayed with even uneven front and back!!!! You like it!? Add your glittery block heels to it and watch yourself make the magic!


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