Do You Take Selfies!?

Maybe that question is absurd to your ears but do you take selfies!? And if you do, are you a pro-selfie taker!? Aka you know your exact right angles *if that’s a thing* and sometimes if you want it to feel like you’re not the one who took it; you could accomplish that easily without any struggle?— Ultimate success point.

I’m the worst at taking selfies, I never felt like taking one unless I’m very bored or I don’t  have anyone to share that -I feel good about myself/ what I’m wearing memento- which get us to the reasons for taking a selfie!

My friend and I were talking about The Insta feeling yesterday, I was complaining of how I love some of the IG accounts because they have that certain feeling about them that I don’t feel mine has it. I know how to express what in mind into little squares but somehow I get lazy, bored and want to try a lot of things in one grid. She told me in a very nice way, why you take a lot selfies lately when you can express it in another angle if you want? The thing with selfie is; it’s fast, I don’t care about the angle all my angles are stupid but gets to my point—not wearing makeup Saturday, selfie look Tuesday, showing the week looks selfies— quick before hitting the streets. Simple. Not efficient for my account feel but I’m sure we can meet at a point.

Do you take selfies? How and why? Tips!?

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