do you wash you face at night?

Do You Wash Your Face at Night?

This is a safe place you can share whatever you want in. So I’ve a confession to make: I don’t wash my face before I go to sleep. Whaaaat!! I’m honest here with you! I wash it just when I got loads of make up on and that only happens approximately twice a week, and I really don’t wanna talk about the feeling of a really bad skin when you wake up the next morning.

I mean, you’ve been there right!?

It really hit me when I was scrolling Glossier IG and found a quote about the important of masks my face needs because I regularly forget to wash it at night, and it’s kind of habit to me not wash it at night because laziness take the rule here and I don’t get in the way of it. At All.

Speaking of masks, that I believe it’s the fastest solution that makes me feel good about my skin, it’s an easy equation, give it a short time, it gives you what you need back, no huss or fuss. Although my skin needs maintenance and here when I fail to keep on track, that’s why I made a few points for me to note as a reminder to push me everyday:

  1. Your face is a part of you and if your hygienic you won’t forget about it at night, include it with your teeth wash.
  2. It only takes a couple of minutes that will make you feel fresh for 6 hours afterwards, hence a great skin for a lifetime.
  3. Remember that feeling that you felt when you decided to do your skin routine at night, and while moisturizing you massaged it and slept like a baby that night and woke up with skin you never knew it was existed before within you? You can feel like that everyday!
  4. You’re 25 and you better start today because you’ll regret it tomorrow.
  5. When your skin feels good, you’ll feel GREAT. Ok and you’ll take more good selfies.
  6. You love walking around home at Sunday morning with a mask on because it looks COOL. Do it with good music.
  7. When you feel down about your skin, go to Glossier because the faces/products there will give you hope to continue without breaking your bank account.

Hmmm.. I should pin that on my bed wall!

Image from Glossier because I really love the brand and everything there is just heaven! 

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