The thing is the more I stay at home, the more I don’t want to think about my style. And the more I want the easiest thing possible which will provide warm and comfort.

Today I wanted to take my new old coat to another level (not that new but I didn’t wear it last season and now I’m addicted to it), sure it doesn’t need anything, it’s that kind of coats you put on and go, reversible and give me space to choose between two different fabrics and textures, I go for fur face today and I needed to clash it with red patent sneakers since I’m claiming the whole colors idea in winter, which left me in a position where it doesn’t matter what I wear underneath (just a gray sweater) that matches my beanie, that easy.

How easy would you go in a normal day?

Wearing: Coat and sweater: Vintage, shoes and jeans: Zara, beanie: H&M.


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