banana oat pancakes

Healthier—Banana Oat Pancakes

Since I figured out that I have an iron deficiency I won’t lie, I don’t think of exercising that much—I feel that I don’t have the power for it— but I keep the shit out of my way more, aka eating more healthy, green raw food, and having breakfast!

Yes, I only have coffee for mornings and that’s it for me, if I’ve some biscuits around me then hallelujah (or CAKE! with frosting!! it’d be my lucky day if I’ve some cake for breakfast)if not, I’m good with my warm cup.

My sister is living with me and when it comes to diet, she’s the complete opposite of me, she tells me that the reason she wakes up every morning is to have a good healthy breakfast! And she’s the reason now that I eat more greens because she forces me to buy it, make it and eat it. But as long as for breakfasts I don’t have the tolerance to wake up and do pancakes! Maybe this is just the state of my mind now, I just can’t. For that she introduced me to one of her favorite breakfast meals, the banana oat pancake, yes I smell it all the time but I’ve never tried it! So I did today and let me tell you this, I never knew that healthy food could taste that good.

Instead of maple syrup, I used black cherry jelly ( you see how much I’ve put ha, ha LOL) NO SERIOUSLY, I’ve put more just for the photo, it’s sweet (HELL SURE IT IS NOW), I love the banana taste in it, I don’t feel the need of the white flour, and it’s fulfilling, with my unsweetened coffee, I feel balanced.

What is your routine when it comes to breakfast?


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