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Effortlessly Fast

The national meaning of effortless style is that it takes a lot of time to be one of the effortless gang. I may agree with that and don’t, cause I’m normally call myself effortless cause of my daily style but sometimes I take time to think about it! Like how to dress a lot and not be overdressed for example or wear makeup that no one can notice, or like my case now, how to be dressed in no time and look like you took time and you know what you’re doing.

So let’s say your friend called the last-minute telling you to be ready cause it’s gonna be a hell of a night and you really don’t wanna miss it, but you already A miss! You occur to be in your PJ at a Saturday night and you’ve already decided that Chips and Chocolates will join you the whole evening, you’ll act cool and text her with:

Do you really want me to gather ME, pick up an outfit and be cool and effortless like I had no time in doing so but I actually don’t have anytime to do so!!!


So how to achieve effortless style in no time!? Ok let me rephrase that: how to be well dressed but effortlessly done in the people eyes but still be myself, the best version of it, because for me I always go effortless and not consider Thinking about all of that and just go out with my almost dreadlocks hair that I didn’t brush for 5 days and my flip-flops.




But it’s not always like that, since it’s a “girls night out” and you’ve to be “dressed” I’ll do it in the most minimal way to be effortless, but I actually thought about it, about how to be effortless but dressed at the same time get it!?

Hence, the mission will be something like this:

1/ Text her and pretend that you’ll be ready in no time because you’ve born ready.

2/ You’ll be all over the place screaming thinking that will help you get ready fast but it’s actually stupid. You have makeup, hair challenge, and ensemble one outfit that you’d be comfortable in for the cool effect to show. Easyyy.

3/ For make up I go smoky—just smudging a black kohl— cause it’s a mess and you won’t do any other mess than the actual one that you already in, but will give a rock effect we need. Trust me.

4/ I choose something to give all the time that I have (didn’t) to do something that look like it took a lot of time. I did some waves and regardless that the base of my hair was Shit, however the “I woke up like this” method will be applied here, my short bangs will Not be on my face cause it really takes time so I pin it! Tuck the back of my hair and Fake it till you make it all look pretty, OK!

5/ As for the outfit, I didn’t do much but adding sparkle, with a pair of cropped jeans, a sequins matte top (tucked in front), finish it all with a double breasted long coat that will balance the sparkle on my top and bag, and to make a little intentional but will have huge impact detail that I love The most which is the length between the jeans and the coat.

6/ A killer shoes. I dumped those very high pumps a year ago but I just felt like it.

7/ Your attitude is Everything indeed.

It’s done with a mess but that’s the cool thing about it right!



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