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Two of the shows that were on my waiting list for a while now are The Row and Rosie Assoulin, you should see my face when I look at there pieces, pieces of art, so today notes are BIG notes, YEAAAASS! let’s set front row and judge!

The Row


1- That mood. #Ijustcan’t

2- That Power. #Iminlovewiththatwoman


3- Lots of What the fuck, Ohhhes, Ahhhhs and shitt moments!

4- Is that a new definition of gold? it’s so warm, is that The Row exclusive gold shade?

5- I would kill someone for this long ankle length tunic. i’m not kidding. No.

6- A question: Why i’m in my mid twenties and still don’t wear clothes like these? why I can’t wear this on my everyday look? why anyone does not!?

7-That number 3 girl could have the finest job at any magazine in the world if she went to the interview with that look.

8- That navy dress falls on this girl like she’s a goddess or something, maybe she is.

9- There’s a new meaning of ease and cool I learnt today, ease in the most complicated executions.

10-There’s a cool fuc*#% series of white and creme shades that I feel so Moroccan in it.

11- Another way of holding a bag.

12- The richness in the designs and colors and silhouettes is so unbearable… one of the most amazing shows so far.the-row-fashionparadoxes-2the-row-fashionparadoxes-1

Having two heart attacks till now. NEXXXTT!

Rosie Assoulin


1- That pink dress is an illusion of my mind and eyes and doesn’t exist in real life. You can’t see it right!? the first look? what do you see!!


2- Those electric blue pants will be on my wardrobe next summer, with those -ohfuck- flares or back flap or something i don’t know, pay attention to the shirt details people, how the sleeves are cuffed.

3- It’s that long tunic again! okay that time I’ll kill myself.

4- Still I’ll ask the same question to myself: why the hell i’m not already dressing like that?

5-It feels like it’s that girl who travel the world and gather all the culture and the experiences till she finds herself and that’s showing in her put together clothes and altitude.

6- This collection is so wearable for me, I can’t find it anywhere else, so undoable, and that’s making me wanting it more.

7- And while leaving that show I’ll keep asking myself how in the hell she makes such a good poplin dresses that I wanna wear on the street with all knowing that everyone’s looking at me saying either she’s crazy, or she just confident enough for not caring what do we think.Rosie-Assoulin-fashionparadoxes-1

How many heart attacks did you get so far?

Me? dead already.

Images: Style.com and Vogue.com


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