Everyday Boots

It’s not burgundy, it’s not plum, it’s in between, with a lighter burgundy tip, comfy heels that gives you the feeling of a -damn cool boots- still so easy for every cool day and night, uhhh I wanna wear it everyday, still. these are not mine, mom’s actually, damn mom how could you!!!?

When I was looking for the perfect boots, I said it could be a burgundy pair, with no idea of the existence of that one, and she took the dream from me, however, I’ll wear it even if she’s a size bigger and even if she said no for everyday, eventually I’m gonna put the perfect plan to steal it.

How does it feel for you if you found one of your dreamy boots on others feet? (devastating really), especially if he/ she is a close one!? knowing that you can’t purchase the same (last season), the question here, What are the sacrifices that you could do for it, I’m putting my plan together here, little help won’t hurt!


A trustworthy beauty product recommendations I have discovered, tried and reviewed for you. Get your cocktail, write your reviews with me, and forget yourself in this black hole. Keep your point of view coming, I will only stop if you did. Ok, maybe not, I love this!!

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