everyday boots

Everyday Ease

Those days that you can’t wear anything in but boot, structured essential everyday boots!

I’ll go for everyday boots because there’s an old game I like to play and actually look good at cold days…

It’s called proportions.

Game of one, can be done with three things that you already have: one, black basic boots, mine are with semi block heels, two, your cropped everyday jeans —did I mention that I wear it everyday, oh I bored you with that— the more you go flare that more you get points!— finished with good hell of a glittery glitter socks that I call it the glue of every good look at these day and can be changed to a wool pair in the frozen days, so here it is, easy and can beat the enemy in seconds, which is the freeze obv. (rolling eyes on my talk)…

Ease for everyday and still, timeless, meaning: you’ll always will be in head of this game. Drop mic.


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