Eyes, Lips or None?… Both?

I never count myself a maximalist when it comes to makeup, but I still insist to have everything in my makeup bag (highlighter, bronzing powder, eyeliners, bold lipsticks) I love to play with all of it, not all at once, and not for the whole day, okay maybe I lose myself for a couple of hours, or three!Who counts really? My hours after all right? Not when your girlfriends decides for a going out night and insists that you’ll wear makeup because you look like men for a while and we wanna go out with the girl inside you, so release the girl inside please… they begged.

Now after the pep talk and the urge inside me that wanted to play with makeup again, not to look appealing but I rather to provoke with mysterious sexiness that been held inside for —I don’t wanna remember how long as it’s a matter of I know why I did it—

But that’s not the subject here, now I set my mind and face into that zone, set the brushes on line, they miss me indeed, opened my bag that smell like heavenly nostalgic, remember that time when you did go out everyday with makeup, even if it’s only mascara, blusher and concealer, yea good times, I’m bringing it again tonight, self.

Already in my flared jeans, only the crisp shirt and the scarf are left to wear, and 15 minute for unconventional sexy to reveal. The makeup is more than enough for tonight, We will let the hair in a ponytail or a messy knot cause heavy makeup with heavy bohemian hair makes me look like one of the dancers in cirque du soleil. The only question left here, what should I go for?

Eyes, Skin, Lips with defining the skin, skin with the eyes with a stain lips! Stop it.

Okay eyes, eyes, if you go for the eyes with natural smoky colors will be good, maybe with wings eyeliner, no  no time, lips is out of the equations for reasons I’ll tell you about soon, start.

Start with the base, just like Lisa Eldridge said, “treat your skin like silk and build you foundation up.” I’ll use the brush that I broke from my highlighter cause it’s good in the application, see it’s all fine, you’re in control of this, easy, small pumps on your hand, there you go, one layer is enough, for now…

The eyes now, okay where’s my shitty eyeshadow, the beige as a base on the whole lid, then the browny chocolaty one on the crease from the outside into the inside in circular motions, inside, out again, now open, what the F*! where’s the color!? again. do it again, okay this eye’s more darker, go darker on the other. okay where’s the wrong here? definitely the shitty eyeshadow, or me, and i already passed the 15 mins! Shit, just do the liner now, from the center…. open, good good, sweep the dark shade again under the bottom lashes, now highlight the corner of the eyes, curl the lashes, little bit of mascara, should I do bronzer! no too much.

Okay just make a jaw line you don’t have one, cheek bones? maybe, okay okay enough, they already waiting with a 30 missed and texts, I’m out. i feel like a clown.

Me arriving after an hour late but looks appealing because of the smile upon my face and… Hello everybody!

A friend (with red lipsticks and red gloss): Passannnttt! long time, we missed ya babe, you look nice! but where’s the makeup that we told you about, anyway let’s eat!

I knew I should gone with None at the first place, None is a lot of work too.


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