Maryam came back from work and headed to the building’s kitchen —in NewYork, FaceTiming audio me while she was frying eggs to eat…

Mar: Guess what the Turkish hot young lady who’s living upstairs cooked today?
Me: What? Is it something in a pot like what we do here in Egypt!?
Mar: Yes, it is.
Me: Ok is it something greasy and you wanna eat it!?
Mar: I’m giving you hints and telling you that she’s hot how would she do something greasy!??
Me: Lol ok, hmm so she’s Turkish then she did kebab!
Mar: What…
Me: Wait wait! Let me guess again… ok I don’t know.
Mar: It’s kale…
Me: Ahhh so she’s hot and stuff so she suppose to eat kalee! So of course you want to sneak and eat from it, tell me how it tastes like.

…Is it with red sauce!?
Mar: LOL you’re So Egyptian! I’ll tweet what you’ve just said to read it when I’m 70… It’s Kale!! Just green steamed stuff, so plain for me, I don’t wanna taste it.

…Why there isn’t two pieces of red meat on top of it!?

Me: LOL, Egyptian You with the meat pieces!
Mar: LOL, plus I can’t take from it, bit she count it.
Me: Mmm, maybe. I did sautéed veggies today, but I submerged it with butter…
Mar: They do that too here, sure they finish the kale with a piece of butter.
Me: No, Sis doesn’t eat butter anymore, you know that she’s a size 2 now!
Mar: I’m proud that I know someone who’s size two.
Me: No, I don’t like it, I’m a 4 person, if it’s a fit 4, it’ll be cool to be 4, like remember that time when I was trying that cropped jeans? Uh I was fit back then, you don’t wanna see me now, I’m 6 trying to be 4.
Mar: I guess I’m 12!
Me: You’re 6… hardly 8.
Mar: Shut up… “Chewing noise in the back…”
Me: What’s that crunch!!? YOU’RE EATING IT! IT’S A KALE CRUNCH!!!!

Mar: … You’re sooo into my life and I should never make you go to the kitchen with me.
Stupidest thing is I hardly knew that she already tasted it with all the Hints she kept on given before I listen to her eating it! Smartest thing is to caught her with the evidence.

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