Everyone I know knows how much I love message, I am a great masseuse!

Okay not that great, but I really believe in it, and how it’s efficient to our muscles and skin, but what I love the most, is facial massages, since it’s one of the few massage routine I can do for myself!

I saw a lot of routines when it comes to facial massage, I do it from time to time, best when I use naturals oils (swear by coconut), I love how instantly I feel my skin breathes and how fresher, younger and radiant it looks! and I really want it to be a ritual for my skin care, because it’s really the best thing for your skin, whatever products you use, that’s the best thing —Inspired by Lisa.

I always come back to Lisa when it comes to skin care and makeup techniques, and that one is no less, I love how she losses herself in it and not doing steps or anything, how she treats her skin like silk… I’m off to feel my skin, enjoy.


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