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The Theory Behind Katie Holmes Chic Sweater And Jeans

I watched Instagram going crazy when Katie Holmes wore a combo of a knit bra with a matching cardigan designed by Khatie, paired with cotton jeans. When I first saw the style popping on my Instagram feed by Who What Wear, I stopped to see the details of such a style. I haven’t had read the description yet, and it didn’t hit me that a celebrity was wearing this good look at the first seconds. It was just an obsessively refreshing combination to follow, copy, or get inspired by that is rarely seen nowadays on Instagram. 

The look was utterly chic but wearable. Not over the place, very thought of, but undone at the same time. Very simple, but with a lot of details when you take a closer look. The anatomy of this look was fun to study. 

When I tapped the photo to see who made this matching cashmere cardigan bralette set. Seriously, think about it. Cashmere bra… I found out that it was made by Khatie. And I quickly remembered Cate Holestein (founder of Khatie) conversation with Camille and Monica about her design approach, and the time when she was working in the merchandising side of the fashion business before starting her label, Khatie. She noticed that in all the brands she worked with, women are after the same things; denim, cotton, and cashmere— which she’s calling the duo; denim and cashmere “featherweight”. I believe this style works so well with all the demographics because it has all the ∼cherished∼ categories/ pieces in one complete look. It is simply the stuff we wear every day. We consider jeans even if we want to dress up a little!

I felt her word, featherweight, when I caught myself eyeing the pieces one by one. The depth of this sweater on the street, how it was dropped softly and styled thoughtfully. After much appreciation for the pieces, I was ready to search for the pieces on Khatie’s website. As I was expecting, the pieces sold out. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t buying it. But I love to observe for a future reference how much some of my wishlist pieces would cost.   

The next move was trying to search for some dupes to recreate the look. Unfortunately, that’s all I can afford at the moment, and I consider it a way of love and appreciation as well. The look is sharply represented by some details that I can not neglect nor cancel as it is crucial when recreating all the look. Originally, Katie Holmes paired a high rise straight leg jeans, with a beige cardigan and a matching bralette from Khaite, and went for a pair of classic black sunglasses from Westward Leaning Moore 03 ($235), 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Shoulder Bag ($944), worn the right way. For her feet, she chose a square-toe mules by Acne Studios $480, striking points at this part as well, as she left the strappy sandals out of the equation to perfectly match the top part of this fall look.

There is some bullet point we should take when it comes to recreating the look. The one nonchalant off the shoulder move with the cardigan if you want to be like Katie Holmes. Slide off both shoulders if you want to be like Jeanne Damas. The step will give more shape to the top part.

I love the idea of only fastening one button of the cardigan. But I might close two buttons in the center (if there are more than three buttons) to get more support on the aforementioned movement. I think like an architect right now. The more structure on the bottom area. The more the move will stay in its place and doesn’t bother you much.


If you’re not into square toe sandals (yet, I know it takes time), wear the regular mules that you bought two seasons ago as I’m sure it will look as good. Also, I can’t leave this section without saying that there is a Michael Kors pair in black on sale ($75) and a similar Acne pair to what Katie wore in white ($195) instead of its original price ($480).

And finally, If the bra is too much for your taste, and you want more coverage, consider knit crop tops.

And Black bags.


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