Falling For Céline P/1

Every time I see something from Céline I go crazy, crazy cool attitude explodes in my mind, every time I see new campaign or a collection I feel cool, just because of watching, and that’s what happened to me the other day when I saw the new campaign, seeing it, love it and wanting more of Céline, and because fall is almost here, I need inspirations and what’s more inspiring than Céline? -Even if you don’t have a piece from Céline-

But really what’s more awe-inspiring for fall?


I want to evaluate my style a bit for this fall, wear things differently, so I scrolled through Céline and got this:

(above image) Tuck your short slim coat in your tailored pants, and wear the collar gracefully like you don’t care.





—A plaid shirt under a neutral tone sweater dress and skirt, with platform moccasin.PATD* (the cuffs and the collar).—








—Now that same sweater dress worn with a side open leg skirt, so when you walk… you can imagine the rest.

—Hold your bag like you hate all the bags. But you’ve chosen this particular one instead of all.






—I’m not gonna talk again about wool full suits—



Last but not least —Dare to wear your slides with your most big fur coat you have, I know you wanna be realistic, but that’s also what wool socks are made for! and that’s what I call the #paradoxes of wearing.

* : Pay attention to details.

Images via Style.com from  Céline AW 2014, Resort 2014, SS2014 shows.


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