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5 Notes About Ideas I Got From Instagram

I fall into the Instagram blackhole like anyone, I live in Instagram, half of my work is about finding cool Instagram pictures that I could get inspiration from and the other half is about searching for how to get more reach and engagement on the Instagram pages I’m handling and mine.

I won’t say that I have to be anti-social for some days because sometimes I truly find myself hating every platform and just wanna live the true life. But the feel that Instagram gives me when I scroll down my deliberately choosen fashion feed, the options, ideas, and knowledge can truly inspire me, change my mood and even support me.

Saving photos on Instagram doesn’t work that well for me, you see, I save everything but I don’t do any files. Nevertheless, I don’t check my saves, so I save it and screenshot it to make it around me, aaaannd also make a note about it under ideas/ mood to stumble upon it everywhere I go on my phone. So today, I’ll share the notes. You’ll find me talking to myself and planing posts and ideas ahead, and sometimes to you because those are real post parts that I copy paste here sometimes. So all of it is just fun and you’ll laugh. You also can take it all as fashion blog post ideas, if you want to!

Redo the Normal 

Shoot a normal outfit you wear daily, like the hoodie + jeans look, redo it with the olive turtleneck like here and add earrings like these. Pay attention to details. This outfit transition is amazing and smart!!!

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Best Pink Interior Ever 

Seriously you need to get this post done because you love decor, and the pink bathrooms that come in front of you every day are too much to handle and you just pause in front of it every time. Just look at these walls and you’ll get this done in a minute.

Another little corner of my house. This one is where I do my makeup when I actually do it at home and not on the go !

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Think it Like Pernille, Do it Differently

Replicate it all but in white! Wear the white oversized shirt, the white trousers you’ve never wore, the striped red sweater and the glitter black shoe. Rethink the shoe… the silver pointy Mango flats?

Kitchen hangout🐭🍕 @iroparis

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 The Manolos Take Over, Again

Are those the Manolos that @Songofstyle made it sold out from everywhere on the internet so that made Zara so jealous he had to make a copy of it and it’s on sale now? I’ve to be somewhere important.

The 2018 Shade of Pink

I don’t know what’s into me, but I was a believer that I’ll love the new Pantone 2018 after a long hate for many shades of purple, I was getting my mind around it and how it’ll be great to mix it up with red and pink, but then this new pink or should I call it the newer millennial pink came out and I started to see it everywhere. It has just the right amount of the purple that I need, hence you’ll see it everywhere on my everything.



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