Fashion For Normal People

Have someone ever called you “Crazy” for being in love with a “thing”? crazy, addicted… follower, all comes down into the same category. Is this “thing” happen to be -Fashion?

Beautiful normal people like Mom, dad, sister, brother, friends and all of the people on the streets called me crazy just because, I see things they don’t see.

Rodarte, Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Collection in New YorkOkay, I’ll put it in the different phrase, normal people who actually try to understand what I love about a certain look in a fashion show for example, like is this a good look for you? What do you like about this? and the ultimate question of all time is —Would you wear that!? and when my response comes like –are you out of your mind, how could you!- through my eyes talking, we reach the end of the road, that someone’s gonna leave the other in the next turn, most of the time happen to be me.

The end road will be that they believe that they understand and got you and I’m saying it’s good collections or whatever because I’m blinded by the label and the name of the house and it’s not really pretty* for them or anyone.

*Pretty means wearable, beautifully wearable clothes. In their opinion.


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.52.44 PMAs a former architect myself, most of my friends are architects too, creators of creativity when it comes to buildings and the art of architecture, and those people are the most who don’t see what I see when it comes to fashion, and I can’t but ask how they don’t appreciate the swirls in Delpozo while they been using it on daily basis in their work, or the asymmetrical dresses at Rodarte, or how Thom Browne made a very paradoxical collection when it comes to normal silhouettes and the multidimensional fabrics. I once was with my friend having lunch and she couldn’t believe that I’m wearing my clutch in the morning, it was a very casual clutch by the way. And yes she’s an architect.


It’s not wired for me anymore to be surrounded with my people, we have so much in common and we go shopping together, most of the time they ask me to go with them, they still appreciate my thoughts because at the end of the day deep down believe that I understand clothes, just a little bit more than they do, so we all got used to calling me crazy but the thing is I know I’m not I just go along.

I’m not a die-hard fan of any fashion house, okay maybe a few. I just respect human beings that have a sixth sense and able to transform me visually and mentally into another world that didn’t exist for me before. In one word, Good minds who make good whatever it is, that simple. And I know my normal people aren’t obligated to love what I love, at the end, it’s a matter of taste, doesn’t matter that my opinion conflict with theirs, actually… it’s beautiful, just like Fashion Paradoxes.

Thom Browne

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