NYFW has arrived two days ago, and in those first days you’ll find me going everyplace at the internet like looking for a lost kid, looking for best images and reading the reviews and sometimes writing my own, and it’s all need to be in the same time, you can’t be lazy about this! it’s crazy but after a couple of days I calm down and only look the best.

The thing with me and fashion month really has two sides, one that’s maniac and always want to see what the season will bring us and one is like I wish to be there but I really reallyyy enjoy it from my comfort zone with my laptop and phone screen thank you very much!!

Six years ago when I started this blog, it was really SOMETHING if you can get a seat in the front row! now I guess the runway and the seats always designed to be all front row! the crowd is huge now and there’s a lot of A-list everything that has to be there, and when they all now post whats going on every single angle, I can’t find myself need to go right!! I can go just for two reasons (that I think many of those people go because of them only):

  1.  For business! Seeing some friends and making business duh! #FashionWeekAlwaysFunEvenWhenitHurts
  2.  Seeing the fabric is just something else, so I’d go for that, only that. And file that under the whole atmosphere and the designer vision feel.
  3. For me, seeing all the fashion people who I admire and always see only on my Instagram account, I know that will be shocking for me, so ok naive me, make it three reasons.

Maybe I’m saying this because I’m not prepared mentally to go right now and if I actually got a chance to go it’d be huge thing for me, but after all its crazy and became so much crazier and everyone is allowed to go everywhere, what do You think about it? Speak.

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