I’m aching for winter…

Now, all I see is winter and holidays everywhere, and I’m posting about it daily, from what to wear in transition weather to falling and feeling winter (through what you’re wearing indeed), everything around my world is so wintery and what not to love about that! but since I’m in Jeddah now, hmmm let me just tell you, there’s nothing called winter here what so ever, though it’s good weather but it’s definitely not winter.

You never get that chill that makes you wear fur for example, or even makes you nose freeze that you think it’ll fall, never happens! or hide under the blanket with your socks and hot chocolate watching SATC (I envy someone who I know, that live in Egypt and skipped her work today just to make that, you know yourself, B*) maybe I can do that here too but with the air conditioner on maximum freeze temp. but that will never satisfy me, I want real freeze, okay am I crazy for wanting to feel the freeze of winter than warm myself up!? No. Uhhhh I miss Egypt’s winter, it’s so cold in Egypt now and I can’t feel it no matter what I did here, and I really reaallly want to feel it, that simple.

So if you imagined that I’m your distant friend, and you know, I’m pathetically asking you to make me feel winter, at least in my head, (there’s a blurred line between what’s you imagine and reality, right?) how would you describe a winter day for me?

Image via Cereal Magazine.


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