Femininity with a bite!

Fashion week is here (yea old news now), and i’m like every previous season, sitting here, watching with popcorn in my hand, but i’m here now to talk about specific show, the show that made me eat 2 bags of chips with out even feeling it (good and bad thing), Prabal Gurung everybody…

It was yesterday, I was busy so I didn’t catch it, and only saw it now because when you at work and you have nothing to do (or a lot to do) you’ve to keep yourself updated, i mean C’mon, its fashion week!

Prabal did #Amazing job (back to hash tag things that i mostly love because it’s fashion week!), i was watching and keep every look at least 5-7 minutes going under every single detail to figure out the silhouettes, and thinking to myself (obviously, i can’t buy any of those sublime skirts, but the most important question is: can i DIY it?!), no one can right, he used everything and didn’t deprived me from a thing:

Bomber satin jackets in a brilliant cut and fifties inspired skirts? Check
Coats and dresses in the same length? Check
Coats with a yellow line and plastic coats and skirts (floral plastic coats and skirts)?! Check
Blouses with giant sleeves with -i don’t know what is that- back? Check
Pop colors everywhere even the lips?! Check
Modern satin dresses?! Check
Haute couture feeling dresses at the end of the show (classic but with that… omph of modernism)?! Check.

Need more than that? I’ve had enough, THE MAN IS A GENIUS.

PS’s: -Did you see Karlie kloss tan?! (my bff was telling me about that), i didn’t recognize her at first, but i love it! (I think we should all go that tanned)..
About that back that i don’t know anything about, it’s like “a futuristic perspex racer back” as i copied from vogue.
-Again on those skirts.. What should i do HA?! i’m freaking out here and want one ASAP!

Images: Vogue & Style.com


  1. It's good to have you back. You always have something really cool to say about fashion. I haven't check the catwalk because I am back in Norway and I haven't had time to find my head, but after your review I defo gotta check!

  2. Thank you!,yes it's good to be back, and even if you didn't check, i'll keep you update it ;), but you have to, it's fashion season! :D

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