footloose dance

Footloose Dance!

I wake up with two things: Coffee and Tv, but when you see footloose is on (one of favs), it sort of doubles you waken! I mean I’m on fire! ON FIRE!

It’s crazy how one song or a movie can really shake you to the core! I don’t know if I had the intentions to wake up feeling good (damn I did, have to!) or the movie did that to me, but whatever it is I just realized something: I was dancing every single day, and now I don’t dance, at all!

I just forgot what dancing can do to me.

It was apart of me, I remember I couldn’t skip a day without dancing and I just stopped, I let life controls me haha, seriously, so when I danced today with the movie and on the final dance, It just put me on the right mood—the mood I suppose to be in every single day— because why the hell not! let me just tell you something, there’s nothing matters in this life! So Why the hell not enjoying it!?

So here’s a reminder for me, you to waking up whatever had slept for a long time, and dance!

AND to double the excitement, let me just add that Kevin Bacon’s Footloose entrance at The Tonight Show, because I just love the man!!!

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