I’m making a case for trends, that goes by as a fly!!!

I love to be on trends! Is that a bad thing to say out loud!? ok let me rephrase that, I take specific veryy specific items from trends and juggle it around my head once or twice and make it my own and when I finally feeeeell that it fits me then I take the lead of the relation between it and me, decide what we could produce together and spend a good time of fun, celebrating life adding to my identity a new thing, that make me ME.

That’s not the only thing that trends can do to me, it could be a life time relationship that came out only from a trend, like a haircut, red lipstick or eyeliner for everyday—Isn’t this was a trend in another time of this life?— or a daily situation like wearing easy basic flats everyday with cropped cigarette jeans and upgraded to a flat soft Ballerina in gold metallic look-a-like Céline pair with flared cropped jeans.

Never been more happy.

Because when you go gold you never look back.

And when you’re on a patent diet* (my sister’s boots behind me) you also never look back.

So whether you like it or not, it’s happening and will magnetize you everyday but it’s a good thing, it’s the adventure that shapes you, enjoy it, I do!

*The diet that almost every model this fashion season took in every fashion show and will stick to till next winter—comes in every shape and color, mostly in boots and pants but I have in a shape of Marni jacket so Halla for me!


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