Freezing Theory

What do you wear when suddenly you’re grabbed by your friends from your bed in the middle of a freezing night to grab something to eat?

In these freezing days all I want to do is have unfreezing fridge by the side of my couch, me layered in a million blanket and just eat and sleep, I’m speaking now from that position. From a speaking blanket monster to earth, over.

So when I had to go out, I couldn’t even dare to unlayer my layers! Its torture, so all I did is just replace some layers with other ones without the changing of the construction layers, get it!? Yes, it’s my winter dressing theory. That gray top is my pajama top, there’s a layer under and a layer over which is my poncho that i could turn into anything but that day was a blanket + scarf worn with waxed burgundy pants because we all want some burgundy in winter, a belt with some socks and good old shoes.

freezing-theory_fashion-paradoxes-2Yea the beanie do the same duties of the poncho, one is to hide unwanted layers which is the unbrushed/unwashed hair and two, give some warm as well.

And that’s my laziest way to dress at a freezing night, or I can go with some fancy coat over 2 pajamas and really good shoes, but that’s just for another night.

-Oh yea there’s another good picture that can sum my 2014 since that happened to be the last day of that year which was just like that: falling with no grace, at all.


So what’s your best theory to dress at a freezing night?

 Wearing: Pj top, unknown poncho, H&M beanie, Massimo Dutti pants, Zara men Socks and Zara Shoes.



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