From A.M. Till Midnight

It’s Zara lessons again! I think I should do a series about this, because it strikes something every time which makes me have to talk about it!

First, what’s up with this new site and images, there are changes, the site become much cleaner and and more minimal… in a good way. The edits are perfect, there are words, there’s sort of calligraphy too, meaningful lookbooks, clean faces, great known faces, I just love to look at faces, really! The more clean and no-make up it looks, the more indulging I would be… and the clothes! good clothes with good lenses, makes me imagine that I’m touching the fabrics! There’s an attention to the details, there’s a lot of details images which I love the most, the moossttt! okay let’s speak clothes…


When I see an image like this (the girl, the chair, and the whole look), I instantly feels like I’m a mess, what a huge mess life I live in! It feels so clean and so put together, the flared skinny jeans (the cut and the color) with the knee-length coat, high neck sweater, with the mannish shoes that I wanted since the previous lesson. The natural short hair signature the look. And that’s how I wanna look everyday from A.M. till P.M.






“ The knit ankle-length coat worn over the asymmetric knitted dress makes me feel so Stella in instant.”







Then there’s a gray tailored pants that I can wear over every thing BUT I’ll choose another lighter shade of gray to wear with it, because I’ve a feeling for grey’s now (it’s always been there but held deep inside), and a whole gray outfit today is just like all white outfit two seasons ago, plus a detailing shot cause we all wanna see her clean face and feel the cashmere sweater. I felt it.






  “A wool sweater with wide leg trousers worn as a full suit”



I can put this image above my bed now, waking up every morning leaning a new thing from it, from how the houndstooth culotte trousers should fall on the body, to how high and pointy the heels can go with it in the form of shorts heels, and how boyish and cool the top of the outfit could look and the more down you go the more femininity begins to explode. I’ll wrap my days up with this.

So What have you learned from this lesson?


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