still life fruit art

The New Wave of Fruit Art

There’s a new art move hitting all towns. You can find it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. It’s a new kind of fruit art comes in all shapes. Still life of a bountiful table with different types of fruits or a minimalist sheet with just one. Rather photographed professionally, with iPhone or disposable camera, all to serve the desired vision. And why not, it’s the most wanted thing in this world. We love to look at it in its rawest condition, we can’t live without it obviously; and even if one day the trend of expressing that will vanish, we’ll always take that deep breath the moment we see it, touch it and hit our mouth. For now, fruit art offers us the aesthetic feel of a French summer, and for that reason, we’ll continue to want it until our eyes are full.

Images source: Pinterest.  

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